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When it comes to making personalized wedding favors there is nothing better than photographic favors. In recent years there has been a wealth of products coming into the favor market which can be personalized with photographs.

Even if you don't fancy the idea of giving out favors with your mug shot on them, you can still create beautiful photographic favors with alternative pictures. Items such as coasters, photograph frames, key chains and fridge magnets are all popular photographic favors and are widely available from favor stores and stationers alike.

Many craft stores can supply kits containing blanks in to which you can insert your photograph. Modern home computers and printers also provide the means to create quality prints of photographs you have taken, meaning you can create beautiful favors at home for little expense.

When thinking about the type of photograph to insert into your favors, you have a few choices available. A popular one is a photograph of you together looking insanely happy! Others include scenic images, arty shots and images of something connected to your wedding.

A good way to personalize your favors without using a photograph of yourselves is to photograph something which is of interest to your both. Perhaps you have a shared interest in a particular sport or hobby such as sailing or golf. Modern photo editing software also gives you the option of adding text to your images so you easily add your thank message to your favors.

If you are having your wedding at a particularly beautiful location then why not take a picture of that to use in your favors. Beaches, mountains, gardens and riverside locations all look beautiful at different times of the day and in different types of weather. If you take the photograph yourself visit the location several times and at different times of the day so you get a variety of shots to choose from.

If you don't want to take the photograph yourself then ask your wedding photographer if they could take one for you as part of the wedding package. An alternative is to visit an online printing service and use a stock photograph instead. Online printers often have good prices on small photographic items such as fridge magnets and key chains. You can also use a variety of pre-designed templates and change colors, fonts and text to suit your needs.

Finally, one novel idea is to have mini cakes made with a photograph on top! You will need to find a baker who has the printing capabilities to do this as it requires special edible papers and inks to create them. However, for unique and personalized wedding favor this has to be one of the best!

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Photographic Wedding Favors - Personal Touch

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This article was published on 2010/03/29
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