Selling Photos Online for Residual income

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Woudn’t it be nice to be able to sell your photographs online to create some extra money? Selling photos is a career for people who are obviously creative and artistic – it is naturally something their passionate about. Fortunately for anyone interested in photography, the internet is now the medium to provide photos to others to buy and download – these websites are called stock sites (smaller ones are also known as or microstock sites) and allows those to make money from what they love to do- photography!

Stock photography isn’t anything new, but only recently has microstock been opened for all photographers. The reason being is that microstock presents opportunities for amateur photographers who otherwise would have been unable to make it in “stock” photography where professional photographers compete. With microstock websites taking aim directly at professional photographers, many who have worked providing stock photography are now working the microstock market! The competition is fierce, but if you have the skills you have nothing to worry about!

Stock photography agencies provided photos for businesses prior to microstock. All you had to do was post your photos somewhere such as thumbnails in a magazine or have your photographs watermarked before offering the photographs to the world – it was an alternative to hiring an expensive photographer. However, even the stock photographs market is dominated by professional photographers. Why? This was means to make a passive residual income. Eventually, the agencies providing these images went online.

Microstock came into play as a less expensive alternative and accepted the work of amateur photographers. That was one of the major differences between microstock and traditional stock agencies.

Sites like Shutterstock, iStockphoto, and Fotolia allow you to easily upload your photos, and then display them all over the world and to multiple target markets such as businesses, advertisers, designers, etc. When someone purchases your photographs, you receive a small commision. The prices range from a few cents to several dollars which isn’t much but since that same image can be viewed and purchased by thousands of people your potential for earnings is enormous, and can become a regular income.

However, before you start selling anything online, learn how best to succeed in photography and consider getting a good book or guide with information about: how to sell your photographs both online and off, how to take quality photos, how to make the most out of the subjects or objects in your photographs, where to sell your pictures online, how photo copyrights and licensing works, etc.

Are you ready to find out how to sell your photographs online to help you earn you some extra money? The process is pretty easy: You take the photographs, and the people who need them pay you! But who are these people? Where are these people?

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Selling Photos Online for Residual income

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This article was published on 2010/10/21