Stereo Photography - Like Actually Being There

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Stereo photography is sometimes referred to as stereoscopic imaging. This is a technique designed to record three dimensional, or 3D, images. This typically involves using two photographs that differ only slightly from one another and place them side by side with each eye focusing on one photograph. This creates the illusion of depth creating a three dimensional image. Photographs like this can be used to depict beautiful scenery in a way that traditional photographs simply cannot. For example, photographs of Vancouver, the recent Olympic Games host city, are much more detailed and lush when viewed using stereo photography.

By utilizing two different perspectives of the same object with only a slight deviation in perspectives presented by each, the brain will see a single image with depth almost like modern day 3D movies. One of the most common forms of 3D photographer that most of us are used to are likely to be the View Master toys that we were given as children. These types of devices utilized transparency viewers to present each eye with a slightly different image that once backlit gives the illusion of three dimensions. While the effect is similar, modern technology has taken this approach to new heights when it comes to stunning photographs.

Stereoscopy might not be the most common type of photography out there, but it does deliver a level of viewing satisfaction that is hard to express until you have seen it with your own eyes. In the past stereo images were a novelty and little more. Nowadays, they offer an individual the chance to see a new place in a way that is almost as good as being there. Since not everyone could make it to Vancouver and see the beautiful city in person, stereoscopic pictures can be purchased online that are so realistic and beautiful that it is just short of taking a vacation.

This exciting form of photography is sure to become more prevalent as more and more people begin to understand just how fascinating these images are to look at. It will be hard to look at traditional photographs after viewing stereoscopic images. The movie industry has been taken by storm by the advances made in three dimensional filmmaking. It should come as no surprise that photography is in route for the same massive shift when it comes to the way that we will view something as timeless as photographs.
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Stereo Photography - Like Actually Being There

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This article was published on 2010/12/30