Taking Photographs And Selling Them As Stock Photos For Money

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The pictures and photos that you have taken could be worth a lot of money. If you have skills as photographer, or have a good eye for the perfect shot, getting money for photos will be much easier.

Here are some tips through which you can earn money by posting your photographs and pictures online. These tips will also help you to enhance your commercial potential and realize true value of your pictures. These techniques might not help you to be a millionaire, but will surely recover whatever money you have invested in photography and the gadgets needed for it. Stock photography companies may represent some of the photographers that they think have potential by selling the potential photographs to top purchasers and may also provide the photographer a handsome amount of profit. The least amount of profit that a photograph might earn from his photographs is a dollar. This is considered as the lowest or micro price for the photographs. Usually most of the micro stock agencies do restrict the use of the photograph. They could also restrict the use of such photographs to be only web based. A good stock photography web setup will allow the photographer to quickly and easily upload his photos and the end customer should have an easy selection process. The purchaser should also be able to download and pay for the photograph with a very simple mechanism. The micro stock agencies usually concentrate on the quantities rather than the quality of the photograph. Thus such companies are known as quantity favored policy companies.

While choosing a portfolio of photograph the photographer must always consider the following points:

First, he or she must figure out the value of the photograph according to the category may it be an illustration or a concept or an idea that a customer who is buying it may have benefit from. Take for instance if a photograph covering a businessman in a suit whose climbing a mountain will have a better chance of selling than a micro shot that consists a mosquito put on a pinhead. Also a lady that is holding an apple in one hand and a bundle of dollars in other hand will have a better chance of earning money than the photograph that covers a hippopotamus chasing a Koala Bear. This has nothing to do with any kind of quality in which the photographs have been taken. The customers of micro stock agencies and the agencies themselves are always looking for the more clear ideas and concepts which can be used by their clients.

If you are avoiding the micro stock agencies then you need to realize that most of the other agencies are quality based. You will have to be very careful on the quality of the photographs that you have taken. This will improve your chances of selling at a much higher price.

These are the few things that if kept in mind can prove to be very useful for potential photographers to convert their hobby into a profession. This may also help to earn some extra income regardless of a daytime job.

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Here is a breakdown of what the best stock photography and the ones that pay the most money

AgencyRevenue per photoPortfolio Size

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Taking Photographs And Selling Them As Stock Photos For Money

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This article was published on 2011/01/23